Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Wind Farm

On our way home we visited a wind farm. We have been there before but it was such a beautiful day and the views are so good we decided to go and have another look.

The Adventure Continues

After our Kuratau trip we headed back to Hastings to go on a trip planned by my Dad. It was a fantastic few days. This photo is looking down on where we stayed in a little cabin next to a river. Dad totally spoilt us with an action packed few days with much to enjoy. Lots of photos follow of our time here but one thing we did that there are no photos of was lay under the stars. It is amazing how many more stars you see when you are away from city lights. We were blessed with a clear sky and beautiful sunny days.
My brother in law lent us his 4 wheel drive, toyota hilux. Very generous of him. I became quite attached to it.
Anna-Marie helping Matthew across the river. Joel and Matthew following in Grandad's footsteps by fishing the river. Grandad organised for the girls to go on a three hour horse trek. They loved it and enjoyed a beautiful day and a beautiful view. They met us down at the river and then Joel jumped on and the three oldest children rode the extra 40 minutes home. It was a highlight of the time here.

When it got dark we went spotlighting for rabbits. The kids thought it was great fun.

Rachel with an eel she caught in a local stream. We used the rabbit as bait.

On day two Grandad and the children went jet boating on the river. It is quite a skill to jet boat the river and makes for an exciting ride.

A Day in Rotorua

We travelled a few hours to visit some friends who were staying in Rotorua and had a wonderful day. We went up the gondola and the children had fun going on the luge. The luge is a track that you go down on go carts. You come back up on a chair lift. This is Matthew with his Grandma going up the gondola. Everyone ready for the luge.
Anna-Marie and Matthew coming back up the chairlift.

Hot Pools

Something that we did several times while in Kuratau is swim. Being a volcanic area there are lots of thermal pools. They make for great swimming because they are so warm.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Lake

I had hoped to complete a lot more posts about our time away with my sister and her family but I have run out of time so this will have to do for now.

We have aways loved spending time with them and they graciously allowed us to invite ourselves on their family holiday up to my brother in laws family's bach (holiday home). It was a great way for the children to spend quality time with their cousins. The bach is at a little place called Kuratau which is close to New Zealand's biggest lake, Lake Taupo. It is a beautiful area of volcanic mountains and lakes. We had a wonderful time there and I will post more photos later on.

Joel on the biscuit.
Rachel on the biscuit.
This is how we would travel the short distance from the lake to the bach.
The Gordon children with their cousins.


One of the things we did on holiday a lot was go boat fishing on the lake. Uncle Paul took different children out each morning for a few hours and we would walk down and meet them as they made their way back.
Matthew caught one the day before we left and was very proud of himself. He carried it around and we thought at one stage that he was never going to put it down. Apparently his favourite part about the whole experience was killing it by hitting it over the head!

Coming back to the wharf, excited about the days catch.
One morning Anna-Marie caught 7 trout. She killed two of the largest for us to eat. Yummy!

Rock Climbing

On our last day we took the children rock climbing. This is one of Rachel and Joel's favourite things to do inspired by Aunty Nicola who took them for their first time many years ago.
Even Matthew gave it a go.

Rachel and Joel are our two monkeys and spent hours climbing the most difficult walls they could.

Karori Wild Life Sanctuary

We spent the day with Mark's sister and her children at a bird sanctuary in Wellington. It is a huge area that is fully fenced to keep out predators. This has enabled the native bird population to thrive. It is a beautiful place with lots of birds singing. Below is a Kea.