Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sereena's Visit

It was great to have Sereena visit earlier in February. She game over here before the Shepherds Conference in LA where she was meeting up with Nige and some other pastors from New Zealand. Mark also went over to the conference to meet up with Nige, Russel and others. He missed most of the conference though as he had to go down to Mexico to renew his visa.

Sereena brought us over all these New Zealand goodies, thanks to everyone who pitched in.

Sereena standing in the door of our townhouse. We had had quite a lot of snow a few days before she came.

We took her down what we call "Deer Alley".

We also took her to the Capitol building in Frankfort.

A couple of photos Sereena took from the road.

Sereena and I spent a day out at the Creation Museum. It was great to have some time together and catch up.

Joel's 12th Birthday

I'm sorry that it has been a while since we have blogged. The computer I normally use has broken down. We had a very special visitor for Joel's birthday, our friend Sereena from Hastings. I will blog more about that later. Joel's birthday was the day we had to drive Sereena to the Louisville airport so it worked out well to get together with some of his old friends and play Lazar Tag and then take them out for dinner. He had been saving all his money for quite a while to buy an electric guitar, so the cake was a guitar cake. He is now the proud owner a blue Rogue Rockateer.