Monday, June 04, 2007

Rachel's Birthday

On May 26th Rachel turned 11. To celebrate we went with Dave and Lara to a restaurant that the Fleener's introduced us to - The Logans Roadhouse. It is our children's favourite place due to the buckets of peanuts on each table that you can crack and eat and then throw the shells on the floor. Something they are not normally allowed to do at home. It was Lane's birthday on the 30th so they were able to celebrate together. On Rachel's actual birthday she left at 5:15am for the 11 hour drive down to Mississippi on a disaster relief trip with a group from church. Her and Anna-Marie had a wonderful time.

Part Eight - The Arcade

We caught the tram and ate at this neat 60's restaurant where Elvis once ate. It is the oldest restaurant in Memphis and you can order an Elvis special - a peanut butter and banana deep fried sandwich.

Part Seven - Memphis

Memphis is in Tennessee right on the banks of the Mississippi River. It is a big city, probably a little bigger than Louisville. We spent a day looking around and visiting some of the tourist spots. We caught this monorail out to 'Mud Island' which is just a piece of land jutting out into the river.

This statute is in the Visitors Center. It is easy to see that the tourism in Memphis is based on it being the home of Elvis.

Beale Street, a famous musical street full of shops with lots of, you guessed it, Elvis merchandise.