Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rachel's 14th Birthday

Wow, Rachel's 14, time goes so fast. We were not able to do much on her actual birthday so last week she had three friends over to stay and to go to a ball game. She has such wonderful friends. Megan took these great photos which I have borrowed. Rachel has become a lovely young women. We love you Rachel!

Fun in the Sun

In May and June in Kentucky we have beautiful weather, a lot like summer in New Zealand. It gets so hot here in July and August that we have been trying to be outside as much as possible. We have been playing cricket, soccer, tennis, going hiking and swimming. Tonight we took a bush walk and a drive and saw 52 deer, 4 groundhogs, a turtle and a raccoon.

Mark is still busy at work preparing to preach this Sunday, counselling and preparing a new members class. Next week we head to Toronto, Canada to renew the girl's visas before they head to Mexico on a missions trip in July. Mark is preaching at a church up in Fergus, Ontario where a friend of his from seminary is the pastor. We are thankful for the opportunity and are looking forward to our time up there. On the way we are going to visit Niagara Falls which I'm very excited about.

I hope the photos of us swimming as the cold weather hits New Zealand don't make you all too jealous. This photo of Rachel and Joel swimming in the creek which runs behind our church. It looks different now than it did in the photos of the flood.

Joel's summer hobby, reading. I paid for them all to swim at the local pools. I could have left Joel at home to read and saved some money!

Matthew with his friend, Connor.