Monday, August 23, 2010

Upward Soccer

Summer is over and school has begun once again. Home schooling is going well, it really helps that the children are self motivated, the girls especially. It has been good to get back into a routine again.

Our church runs a soccer program for younger children called Upward. Matthew is playing and Rachel and Joel are both assistant coaches. Matthew was a little unsure about playing but he has really enjoyed his first few games.
Rachel helping coach her team of 4 year olds. Not an easy task.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We are still waiting on photos from the girls Mexico trip and will post some as soon as we get them but for now here is a letter from the girls:

Dear Family and Friends

Our mission trip to Merida, Mexico was a huge success! Our days usually consisted of building a simple, two room brick house with a concrete floor, and ministering to the neighborhoods, going places like the Salvation Army or Community Centers, going to parks at night and sharing the gospel with hundreds of people.

We were able to finish the house on time and bless the family. They were incredibly happy and thankful. God used us all mightily and many people came to know the Lord. In all, this missions trip was as good as it could have been. We both learned a lot, both about God and about ourselves. God definitely become more real to us during the trip. We could see the ways in which He helped us as we both did things that we could definitely not do on our own, it was all God. He helped us step out of our comfort zone and share the gospel with many people, and give our testimony in front of hundreds of people.

This trip also made us realize how blessed we all are in America and New Zealand, even with little things like air conditioning, and not having tarantulas and scorpions crawling around your rooms.

Thank you to all those who helped us financially with the trip. We could not have gone and done the things we did if it weren't for you guys. God definitely did a work down there, and you are all a huge part of that. Thank you all!

God bless
Love from Anna-Marie and Rachel.