Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We spent our first thanksgiving with two families from Village Manor. We were blessed with a beautiful day which enabled us to eat outside (this was great because it would have been cramped in any of our apartments). We had begun reading a book about thanksgiving to the children earlier in the week and had been learning about the Pilgrims and their travels. Thanksgiving is about God's provision of the harvest, something we forget with the ease of supermarket shopping. We finished the story on thanksgiving evening and each listed five things we are thankful for. Here are a some of them:

Dad working hard to provide for us

Being given winter coats

A safe trip to America

Our new friends

Jesus dying on the cross for us

Getting a new house

The Fleeners renting our house in Hastings

Carol and Viki's group sponsoring us

Free art lessons from Mandy

Village Manor

Being able to go to the Recreation Center

Keith and Julie Parker being good friends and helping us

Good health

Family nights

The provision of finances so that we could come here

Praying friends and family back in New Zealand

Friday, November 17, 2006

Prayer Needs

First we want to say thank you for taking the time to read the updates on this blog. We appreciate your interest in our lives. Some of you have asked to be made aware of prayer needs that we may have so this is an update to make you aware of some.

Mark is in his last two weeks of this semester. He has one paper to finish and three exams. He has a hermeneutics exam on Monday 27th at 11a.m.(US time), a Greek exam Tuesday 28th, at 8a.m, and a NT exam at 11a.m. You could also pray for more work, as the holidays afford an opportunity to work full time, and at present Mark only has about 15 hours per week. If you have any extra time to pray we have one more need. We are privileged to be going to Mississippi (Yes, the birth place of Elvis), for 5 days, to help with the disaster relief effort. We are going as a family with a team from our new church, Immanuel Baptist from Dec.2-7th. This is a little bit of an unknown so please pray that we would be able to faithfully serve, and that it would create in our children's hearts a greater desire for Christ and His ways. Under "links," you will find information on the church we are going to, Lakeshore Baptist Church. Thank you so much for your faithful support. Christmas may get a bit lonely so please keep up your correspondence, you don't know how precious your e-mails are. God Bless

Kids Fit

Kid Fit and Motor Skills has come to an end. Matthew enjoyed showing me all that he had learnt at his last Motor Skills and the others ended Kids Fit with a few games of dodgeball against the parents.

Rachel received this special award signed by President Mohler for being one of the two most fit children in the class.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Locust Grove Fair

Last weekend we went to this 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove. It was at a beautifully restored 1790 Georgian mansion with huge grounds that are very pretty this time of year. A large group of people dress, act and live for the weekend like they did in the 18th Century. They also re-enacted a battle from the War of Independence. It was a really interesting, enjoyable day.

Our Little American

We have been blessed with many hand me downs for Matthew for the winter and also some lovely new outfits (thank you Fleeners). They make Matthew fit right in and we feel like he is our little American. He loves the way that they speak differently and often says "Yes Ma'am" to me now, although I'm not sure that it is with the respect that it should be with. He also calls me "mom" and tells me that he needs to use the "potty"(which is what the toilet is called). This photo was taken as we arrived home from our first African American Church experience. The church that we are attending walked down the road and joined them for a wonderful time of praise and worship. They put on a wonderful meal for us. They certainly sing and interact during the preaching with great enthusiasm, charisma, yet humility and sobriety. As Anna-Marie said, "We have never heard so many 'Amens' during a message."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chapel Services at Southern

Mark has been enjoying the chapel services at the seminary. Last week C.J Mahaney was the guest speaker and this week it was Dr John MacArthur. The whole family went to their first service to hear Dr MacArthur preach on Thursday. It is a wonderful atmosphere where the Word of God is much revered. We enjoy the way that the Southern Baptist Churches have you stand during the reading of the Word.