Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hurricane Ike

On Sunday, 13th September, Hurricane Ike hit Louisville. Ike had already travelled many miles over land and we only experienced one aspect of its fury, wind. This was bad enough for Louisville which has an incredible amount of lovely old trees throughout the city. Nearly 300,000 homes were left without power. Tress were down on nearly every street. Signposts were blown over, power lines were laying on the streets and traffic lights were out. School was cancelled as people dealt with defrosting freezers and nothing to cook on.

Homes were last on this list to receive power. The Ryder's Cup was due to begin the next day in Louisville so all the hotels and hospitals etc had to be dealt with first.

Our wonderful neighbours shared their grill with us and their gas stove top. We were also blessed to still have our gas hot water and we were able to eat at the seminary. We were without power for 7 days and lost a lot of food, but with hot water and food at the seminary we were fine. The nights just seemed a little long.

These are photos of our street on the day of the hurricane.

This is a house just a block away from us.