Thursday, December 14, 2006

Anna-Marie's 12th Birthday

Before we left for Mississippi we had an early party for Anna-Marie's birthday. She had some friends around for games and cake. It was a fun evening. She is now officially taller than her Mum and likes to stand next to me in photos so that everyone can see that. Her and Rachel have been able to join a study with four other girls their age on a Monday night. It has been nice for them to be able to join this. She also spends lots of time with her new friends at the Village Manor basketball court.

It was Anna-Marie's actual birthday in Lakeshore. Pastor Scott from the Oregon team, which we had served with that week, surprised Anna-Marie with two big cakes for everyone to share and she was asked to stand for everyone to sing happy birthday. Continuing family tradition Mark took her out to breakfast but instead of the normal McDonald's she chose Waffle House.

Missions Trip to Lakeshore, Mississippi

We thought that we may not see the ocean for a very long time but here we are at the Gulf of Mexico, Lakeshore Mississippi. We went with 5 others from the church we are fellowshipping at, Immanuel Baptist Church, as part of a missions team. Lakeshore was devastated by Hurricane Katrina over a year ago but there is still so much to be done. Lakeshore Baptist Church has become a distribution center for food to the community and they are still rebuilding peoples homes. The church building was lost and it is all now temporary buildings that house the many volunteers that God keeps providing. The church, which is about a mile from the shore, was left 42 feet under water. To find out more about the rebuilding that we were involved in look at or It was a wonderful experience for the whole family to be serving together in such a way. I'm sorry it has taken so long to place updates on this blog but I have unfortunately injured my back (we think on the 11 hour trip down) and have been unable to sit. I see a chiropractor tomorrow due to the generosity of some friends as I am still very uncomfortable. It has been a blessing that this has happened now as Mark has been able to take over the schooling with semester finished but your prayers would be appreciated.
This was such a common sight. The foundation of someones home. Lots of people are now living on their land in trailers. There are still lots of fallen trees and rusting cars that have been thrown amongst the trees or just bits of homes laying around, still needing to be cleaned up.

Rachel and Joel are standing on an old pier that was demolished in the storm.

The shipping containers which are now bunk rooms, where we slept.

Rachel and Matthew helping unload supplies for the distribution center.

Joel and Anna-Marie helping Andrew clean up someones section.

Mark preparing a wall for painting at one of the homes that was being rebuilt.