Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cross Country

This is Rachel finishing. Sorry this post is all back to front. You may want to turn the sound down, there is a lot of yelling.

Rachel has been able to join the Dorothy Sayers Cross Country team. They train twice a week after school and run a meet every week, mainly on Saturdays. This was Rachel's first race. It is all a little serious here. There were 35 schools at this meet with the police helping with parking etc and each school had their own tent! Rachel finished 64th out of 251 middle school girls which includes 11-13 year olds. She did the 3km race in 12 mins 47 seconds. We thought she did really well.

This is the start.

Dorothy Sayers Classical School

Most of you have probably already heard that the girls have started at school this semester. It is a classical school that they will attend two days a week and continue to homeschool on the other three. The school takes care of all their curriculum in the two days so on their three days at home we work hard on all the work set for them. The first day at home we worked from 8:30 till about 5pm but I think it may get a little easier as we find our way. The school meets in a church building and has about 200 students. They both take Math, Writing/Literature/Logic, Science, Latin, Geography, History and Choir. We are thankful to God for this opportunity; I think it will be a good challenge for us all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kentucky State Fair

Yesterday we went to the Kentucky State Fair. We went last year but I think we enjoyed it even more this year. There is just so much to do and to look at. Mark started classes today so it was nice to have a day together before we all get really busy.
This is Mark and I as Mr and Mrs Abraham Lincoln.

The kids enjoyed this obstacle course.

Of course we had to go and hear this guy, an Elvis impersonator. He is asking Joel a question here. Joel won a free Pepsi t-shirt because with every ones help he answered correctly. The questions was, "Am I wearing blue suede shoes?" and of course he was!
The pig right at the top of this post and the three photos below are photos of entries into the iced cake competition. They were very impressive. Some of them were so detailed.
This was my favourite.
The kids thought this cake was pretty cool.

These guys were really good. They were called the Kenya Safari Acrobats. Before them we had watched a pretty good Magic Show.
Having a snack, waiting for the concert to start.
In the evenings they put on free concerts. The reason we went on this particular day was because the concert was the "Newsboys". Our good friend Nigel introduced us to them several years ago and we have grown to really like them. It was a really good concert, a great way to end our day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We finally finished catching up on school last Friday and then left on Saturday for a youth camp in Arkansas. We spent a week in a little town there called Paragould. Mark preached Sunday morning and Sunday night at two different churches and then him and the girls were involved in a camp for the rest of the week. They had a great time and the boys and I had a relaxing time in Paragould. We met some wonderful people, it really was a good week. I was not good with photos and took none, but Rachel took a few so here they are.

Rachel with a new friend, James, from the week at camp.

This photo is borrowed but we had one of these on our front lawn. It is an armadillo. The kids all ran out to have a good look at it.

A banana spider. There were several of these around where we stayed. Apparently they are harmless but they are very large spiders!