Friday, April 27, 2007

Something New

Isn't it funny how the children want to wear something new straight away. We brought Matthew these Superman sunglasses but the next day it was raining with no sun to be seen. He wore them nearly all day inside instead even though he kept tripping over things.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Newport Aquarium

We are all on spring break at the moment. It is a study week for Mark and he is working hard on a paper and is also doing extra hours at the Recreation Centre. We did manage a whole day away yesterday though and had a wonderful day. We travelled nearly two hours to Newport which is east of Louisville. We had been told about the aquarium there and it was pretty neat. It took several hours to walk around and had lots to look at. As you can see from the photos a few things were quite hands on. One of the birds took a liking to Rachel's ear though and she wasn't so keen on them after that.

After visiting the aquarium we walked over the purple walking bridge which takes you from Newport, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the same in Louisville. You can travel over the bridge and you are in Indiana, a new state. We sometimes go the movies at a $1 theatre in Indiana. With our trip to Mississippi we have now been in 7 different states. This photo is taken in Newport with Cincinnati across the Ohio River in the background.
The purple walking bridge.
Matthew pretending to be a statue.

Day at the Zoo

We received a wonderful gift from some friends, a years family pass to the zoo. We plan to go often and make the most of it. We went with a family from church over a week ago now on a beautiful spring day. It is a really neat zoo and it will make a great summer evenings outing. Anna-Marie took over control of the camera and got some great shots. She likes being on the other side of the camera.