Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anna-Marie's Spring Break

Anna-Marie went with a friend and her family to the mountains in Tennessee for a few days over Spring Break. Her friend, Bobbie, took these great photos so I thought I would post a few.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mark's trip to Manaus, Brazil

The Lord has been incredibly gracious to me and allowed me to spend 8 days in Manaus, Brazil. A team of 9 from Buck Run went to build some benches for this church below. Manaus is situated in the north of Brazil, in Amazonia.
The finished product. The benches in the front were the ones we built. We finished 100 which enables an extra 500 people to have seating.
Here is the team, I am the bearded one in the back middle.

We had a few days to trip around and no one goes to the north without taking a ride on the Amazon. The Amazon (brown water on the left) meets with the Negro (black water on right) right at Manaus. Its an amazing thing to be bitten by mosquitoes on the Amazon!

Here I am heading into legitimate Amazon rain forest, what a privilege and joy. As soon as this photo shoot was over I scurried back to the boardwalk! This area floods in the rainy season and about half way up the trees were big black termite and ant nests. They know where the water level is going to be and build their nests just above it; amazing!

Here is the wonderful family that 4 of us stayed with for the week. Gregory and Sandra, their daughter Lurissa, and her husband. Sandra spoke very good English. Obrigadu (Thankyou) to this lovely family.

Buck Run Baptist Church

Below is a photo of us outside our new church in Frankfort, Kentucky. The church is called Buck Run Baptist church, and it is at Elkhorn Forks. We are privileged to be here for a year. I (Mark)am assisting the Pastor; Dr. York in all areas of pastoral ministry in the church. Dr. York was my preaching professor at seminary.
Here is my little office situated in Dr. Yorks office. They are not my books but his. The photo below this one is Dr. York preaching the morning sermon.

Here is a great photo of the inside of the church with Sereena in the foreground.