Monday, July 23, 2007

Hubers Orchard and Vineyard

On Saturday we drove about 40 minutes north to Starlight, Indiana to the Hubers Orchard and Vineyard. We had been told about it by several people as a 'must go' place and it was. We had a fantastic family day picking several different berries, tomatoes, peppers and grapes. It was a lovely summers day, not too hot, which was such a blessing. They also sold the yummiest tasty cheese, something which you cannot find in the supermarkets and all sorts of other yummy food. The theme of the day was definitely eating as you could eat as you picked! It was even reasonably priced and we now have a freezer full of berries.
Riding the truck out to the picking fields.

Grapes were a family favourite.

Picking blueberries, my favourite.


Picking tomatoes and peppers. Notice Matthew's shirt.
Joel picking blackberries
On our way home we saw a sign saying "Deam Lake" so we thought we would go and take a look. We found this lovely lake with a sandy beach, camping area and boat hire. We think we will go back sometime and visit.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

House Sitting

The reason for the lack of communication lately is because we have been house sitting and were unable to get the Internet. We looked after this house which is owned by the seminary and is right next door to it. Mark was able to walk to work and come home for lunch. The children were able to use the recreation center often and I was able to enjoy a kitchen that you could swing a cat in. It was a nice break from the apartment. They had this wonderful tree swing out the back which the children really enjoyed and I just prayed that it wasn't going to end up in our first trip to a hospital.

The Creation Musuem

In June we were blessed to have a visit form the Stuart Family. They were courageously travelling through the states with their seven children in a large RV. They stayed with us at Village Manor for a week and we had a lovely week spending time together. Near the end of their stay we visited the Creation Museum about an hour away from Louisville in Eastern Kentucky. There has been much controversy about this Museum, it has even been called an "embarrassment to Kentucky" and state schools are being told to keep away. Needless to say, we loved it. It shows literal six day creation and has a clear gospel presentation at the end. It was a great day, especially sharing something like this with the Stuarts. Esther managed to cook us all dinner in the RV, she is an amazing women, and when we got stuck in a major traffic jam on the way home we just showed the kids a DVD!