Monday, April 11, 2011

Things I love about being back in New Zealand

The Beauty: I took these photo this morning on my walk. Matthew attends a little Christian school about 10 mins from home up on a hill. I leave the car there and go for a walk on fine mornings. The view is beautiful and I love hearing all the birds and farm animals. New Zealand really is a beautiful country.

The Food: There was lots of food I missed while in the States and it is good to be able to have that again. It has been a shock to us though how much food costs here now, especially butter, milk and cheese which are all foods that we export huge amounts of. For some reason they are very expensive here. I have been enjoying my lattes though, the milk really does taste good.
The beach: It is great to be close to the beach again. We are even close enough to wake up to the sound of seagulls sometimes.

Obviously there are many other reasons why it is good to be back, like family and friends and ministry. But, there are also many things we are missing about being in the States. I miss the sweet fellowship with those at Buck Run and Immanuel. In fact we sung, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, on Sunday and I couldn't sing it without tears, remembering how we use to sing that at Immanuel. Also on Sunday when we were serving the unchurched of Naenae I thought a lot about the example of the people at Immanuel and Buck Run. It makes me rejoice at the journey that the Lord has taken us on and makes me excited about the future.