Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cross Country

Both Joel and Rachel are running cross country this year. They are both doing really well and enjoying the season. It has been good for them to train together and have the "friendly" competition of seeing who gets the best time. Cross Country is a huge event here with hundreds of children running in each race. A strong finish from Rachel.

This is the girls middle school team. Just three of them. They are all good runners and usually come in the top 50. This day they all won a medal.

A strong finish from Joel

We told Joel off for this photo. We told him he should be trying too hard to have time to look around and spy us out. He has been running harder and won a medal for 20th place at their last race. Rachel came 7th in her race.

This photo in some way shows the crowd we encounter at these races.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Creation Museum

One post I forgot to do of Mum and Ashleigh's visit was our trip to the Creation Museum. It is only an hour away from us and it is pretty impressive. The grounds are beautiful and the museum is very well done. Here are some of Anna-Marie's photos from that day.

The models are really detailed and well done.