Saturday, July 26, 2008

Matthew Swimming?

Matthew has taken a long time to enjoy swimming. Only 6 months ago we would have to bribe him to get in the pool and he would cling to us when he did. Recently the children have been going swimming quite often now that we are within walking distance from the seminary. When Mark goes to work as a lifeguard they can go over without me which is great. Matthew came home the other day and announced that he could 'swim' now but only with the help of flippers, a life jacket and a flutter board! At least he's not crying so I'm very proud of him. Here's a video of him enjoying himself and some photos of him all decked out in his essential swimming gear.

Horse Show

Anna-Marie has been spending a lot of time volunteering at the stables this summer. She was able to attend a camp for a week with other girls her age and then worked at a camp with girls aged between 5 and 10. She then worked at a Saturday morning show which she also took part in. This is a video of one of her classes that she was in. She is number 252, wearing dark blue trousers and a light grey shirt and is riding the light brown horse. She placed 2nd.