Saturday, February 04, 2012

Rafting Trip

My Dad is a great outdoors man. He owns several rafts and goes on several trips most summers. This year Rachel and Joel were able to go with him and loved it. They rafted down part of the Rangitikei River which has only three or four grade three rapids but is otherwise pretty calm but fun to raft. It is also a very pretty river to raft and camp next to. The trip took three days and two nights.This is not Rachel and Joel but some more experienced rafters on the trip with them.

They both had to learn how to cook over the fire and look after themselves.

Matthew's 11th Birthday

Now that Matthew has a summer birthday we spent the afternoon at the park and the beach. Very thankful to God for blessing us with Matthew. He starts intermediate (middle school) this year. Wow where does the time go?

Opening presents.
Rachel, delivering the cake.
Aunty Leanne and little Isla.
The cake.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Summer Vacation

In January we were very blessed to be able to go on a family vacation for a few weeks down to the South Island. Some very generous friends allowed us to use their holiday home up in the hills just outside of Christchurch. It was a beautiful home with incredible views. It was a very refreshing and relaxing time.Some of the destruction left from the 6.3 earthquake that hit Christchurch in February 2011. 185 died in the earthquake and many areas in the city have been deemed unlivable. In the two weeks that we were there we felt at least one earthquake almost everyday. About three of them were 5.o or over. Those ones were a little scary. We experienced in a very small way what the people of Christchurch are facing every day.
Driving out to the beach, these containers are placed against the cliffs to protect the traffic and pedestrians in the event of another large earthquake.
Enjoying the ocean.
Flowers and notes left on the fences keeping people out of the CBD.
Since the CBD has been unusable since February this container mall was set up, it was very well done.

Having competitions with the slug gun.
Anna-Marie was the first to hit the can, she was pretty happy with herself.
Rachel and I out rabbit shooting one evening. Rabbits are a pest to farmers in New Zealand.

There were great views all around us.

Mark and Joel kayaking in Akaroa, a cute little town not far from Christchurch.
Matthew has started to become interested in photography. He took this photo of seagulls with Anna-Marie's camera.
The rabbit that didn't get away.

Matthew and Anna-Marie enjoying the spa.