Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday afternoon outreaches

The Naenae for Christ team (made up of believers from Heretaunga Christian center in Upper Hutt, and ourselves), have started opening up the Naenae community hall on Sunday afternoons. The Lower Hutt city council has kindly allowed us to use it this year on Sundays, for free. Below are some photos of some of the things we do.
Part of the afternoon involves us giving away sausages (A sausage in bread with ketchup and onions). There is always a good line-up for this.

We have just developed a kids corner which has gone over well.

Meet my younger sister Joanne. She is available to mend items of clothing or other items, she also teaches crafts to those that want to learn.

Table tennis is a big part of the afternoon with three tables available.

And, surprise, surprise, we have cornhole. It is such a hit, we have since painted them up. Cornhole is not really played in NZ so we were surprised when our neighbors, the Grahams, said they had made some. We also serve a snack for everyone sometime throughout the afternoon, and we have a give-away table that even the community people have started bringing stuff to put on it. Throughout the afternoon you can see Naenae for Christ people sharing the gospel, teaching a little child how to play table tennis, or just chatting with those in the community who come because they are lonely.

The afternoon finishes with a time in the Word of God. This is not compulsory to attend but we have had around 10 members of the Naenae community stay for this. It is such a privilege to serve your community with food, a place to come, prayer, and the Word of God.



Johnny W. Collett said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this information so we can stay connected to what God is doing in and through your family there. We love you all and miss you very much.


Joe Fleener said...

Praise the Lord for His work and your example of ministry to the community. I pray for the Lord's continued blessings.

Kirsty Watson said...

We thank the Lord you have returned to New Zealand and made yourselves available to Him in the church and community like this, may He bless all of your service for Him

blythe said...

praying for you guys! miss you!